Col. Ryszard Kuklinski

Col. Ryszard Kuklinski was a brave Polish patriot who risked his life and the life of his family for passing  Warsaw Pact military secrets to US.

This website is developed to honor the man, who paid very high price for his service.

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Just shortly before Colonel's death, a book about his life was published by Benjamin Weiser [more]

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Recently published paperback version of the book about Colonel Kuklinski.

  While serving under Poland's communist regime during the Cold War period, Colonel Kuklinski provided the U.S. and NATO with the Top Secret strategic plans and intelligence of the communist Warsaw Pact military alliance, including 40,265 pages of their military documents over nine years time.

He opposed the Soviet domination and control of Poland and the entire East European region. The Colonel was also trying to prevent a war between the East and the West which he knew would have resulted in the destruction of Poland.

  It was pointed out that  Col. Kuklinski has been denounced in Poland as having betrayed the country, but mostly and most energetically by those who earlier had been most servile in their loyalty to the Soviet Union, and that the denunciations by them are no shame.

To many of us he was, and always will be, a great man and true hero. [more]

Order DVD with approx. 1000 pages of CIA documents related to Col. Kuklinski work. [more]

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