Col. Ryszard Kuklinski

ant to learn more?

Order DVD with approximately 1000 pages of CIA documents related to Colonel Kuklinski work. Documents are in English.



  The documents include:

1972 Letter from Col. Kuklinski to U.S. Embassy in Berlin Offering to Spy for United States. 

a 1977 document outlining governmental tasks in the event of a threat to national security:

18 reports by Kuklinski on information and impressions gained from his close contacts on the Polish General Staff and from contact with Soviet officers;

42 reports relaying Martial Law planning documents,

16 reports based on Kuklinski information disseminated after the declaration of Martial law on 13 December 1981,
  one 1983 report prepared by Kuklinski after his (and his family’s) extraction to the United States.

DVD costs $19.95.


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