Col. Ryszard Kuklinski  








I accept with certain relief the decision to return my dignity and
honor. Even though it comes after sixteen years of life in exile and
tragedy that touched my family, it carries for me more of a symbolic than
practical meaning. I thank God for allowing me to live to see this moment.

With all my heart I thank those individuals, institutions, and social and political organizations who for the past eight years demanded restoration of my good name, recognizing my actions as done in the service of my country.
Expressions of my gratitude must go to my distinguished advocates
Piotr Dewinski, Krzysztow Piesiewicz, Jack Taylor and Pawel Zalewski who selflessly acted in my defense.
It is only right that I sincerely thank government officials and instruments of justice of the Republic of Poland that rejected the hierarchy of values of PRL (communist) Poland and gauged my deeds by the criteria of an independent state and in the context based in facts and documents of historical truth.
PRL (communist) Poland was a captive nation, but the preservation
of its sovereignty was seamlessly connected to the existence of the Armed
Forces which were an indispensable attribute for its maintenance.
Keeping that in mind and believing in the possibility of winning
Poland's independence in which the army could play a decisive role, I am
very proud to have worn the uniform of a Polish soldier for more than 34
years. By undertaking my mission, not only did I not oppose the
sacrificing service of my former comrades in arms, but held it in
the highest esteem. Opposing Soviet hegemony en masse would have been
impossible and pointless.
There were those in our ranks who, in their servility to USSR,
sought a way of promoting their career and advancement. But the
overwhelming majority of the army was deeply patriotic, and its officer
corps was very devoted to the security and the fate of our nation.
The invitation of Poland to the democratic defense alliance makes
the fulfillment of these aims closer than ever in our recent
history. To this important task we devote our common efforts.
Ryszard Kuklinski

Washington, September 22 1997



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