A Secret Life

Col. Kuklinski report - April 26, 1981

WARSAW, 26 April 1981

Dear Daniel!

After returning from Sofia with several officers from the General Staff,
we discussed the current situation in Poland, a situation that, from the military point of view, is hopeless. In this extremely gloomy atmosphere, one of the most committed officers openly said that Poland had to undertake far-reaching political reforms. Gen. XXX bitterly accused "the Americans [of having] sold us out to Russia. Without the Americans' silent assent, the 'comrades' would not dare to act this way." We are now very desperate, but we have not lost hope that Gen. XXX is wrong! Appropriate use must be made of the flood of information he is sending to you.

We Poles realize that we must fight for our own freedom, if necessary making the ultimate sacrifice. I remained convinced that the support your country has been giving to all who are fighting for that freedom will bring us closer to our goal.

Thank you for your most recent, pleasant letter.

With heartfelt greetings. Yours, PV